Hey Sweetie,  are you loving your body at the moment & ready to show it off? Trying to build a portfolio? Or even wanting a new intimate gift for a loved one? Well Demon says we all secretly want nude (or at least semi-nude) shots of ourselves, that’s why the Sweetheart Package is screaming out your name!

The ‘Sweetheart Package’ is great to capture your gorgeous body in an intimate & sensual way, through lighting, shadows, shapes & close ups. It’s all about getting comfortable in your own skin. Whether it’s your 1st time or 100th, Demon will be sure to look after you and help you feel relaxed and at ease during your private session. Demon is a body positive activist and adores collaborating with humans of all shapes and sizes.

 “I know my curves as sexy, I want everyone else to know theirs are too. There is no reason to hide and every reason to flaunt.” 

-Ashley Graham


What’s included in the package: 

  • 1 hour private photography session. Location of your own choice.
  • 3 outfit changes
  • All high resolution images retouched + received digitally
  • A sweet secret gift!


How to prepare for the session:

  • Your Skin: If you are wanting to be hairless (whatever body part) I recommend dealing with it 1-2 days before hand to allow skin to heal from any redness or swelling. Otherwise go a la naturale. Be sure to moisturise your body approx 4 days before the shoot, don’t apply too much moisturiser or oil before the shoot as it’ll give you too much shine. Clean nails and toes before as well! You don’t have to go full blown acrylic set just keep it nice and tidy. 
  • Your Face:  Have your make up done 30 minutes before your session so it has had time to set. Aim for nutural tones such as nude, brown and beige colours. If you’re wanting something more glamorous go for Metallic browns and golds. Bronzer always works a treat! Start off with a light brown lip colour and bring along a deep red to create a different look. Have some lose powder in case you need to touch up.  Be sure to keep your lips moisturised by applying lip balm at least 3 days before your shoot.
  • Your Hair:  Aiming for the ‘Sex Hair’ look always works! Perhaps lightly straighten or curl your hair and tease it a little at the back, not to much so it’s like you’re on a ‘Bold and the Beautiful’ set! Aim to keep flyaways at a minimum by using a bit of hairspray. Bring some pins and an elastic with you to change up the look during the session. 
  • What to Wear: Not much! It’s time to show off your fav delicates; lace set, silk nightwear, sheer gowns, latex costumes, you can even get creative with naughty props! It’s your chance to get extremely creative if you please. If you can, bring a pair of heels with you, it’s always flattering for the legs and booty. You’ll also have some shots barefoot as well. 

*If you’re in need of a professional MUA and Hair stylist feel free to contact me for more details