Capture your natural essence

Hey there!

I’m guessing you’re here because you know you’ve got an adorable Tribe growing up so damn fast & the memory space on you iPhone is filling up with no more room to take some┬ácute snaps of your little one! Or maybe you are loving your gorgeous body and want to capture it in intimate photos or better yet you have found a new motivation to take a step further into your career and are needing some professional headshots to make you look like a serious BOSS! This is where Felicity comes in. She’s an Artist who has been working as a professional portrait photographer for 5 years & has worked all throughout Australia, London, LA & New York. Felicity’s approach to photography is a very relaxed, laid back & intimate natural style in the comfort of your own home or even one of your favourite locations in Sydney. It’s quite intimidating having a large camera right in front of you so Felicity will make sure to make you feel at ease during your photography session to help display your personality through the lens.